The DDD World

Wright's Tomb

Session Forty

8th Day, 3rd Week, Hravesin:

The heroes have made their way about the city of Kistan, trying to determine the location of the key to the island’s helm. Spin is researching through old scrolls, Anzo and Jürgen are checking with the temples, and Tasa checks around town. They find out some history on the Wrights, but nothing to indicate the location of the treasure, other than mentioning the tomb.

With naught else to go on, the heroes made their way to the tomb, to discover just a small room and the Lord and Lady interred within. Between their sarcophagi lies a bronze book upon a pedestal. I transcribed those words below:

If you are here for more than respects given
Greed we respect so you are forgiven
But no easy task greets you this day
So turn around and light away
My hoard is what you desire
It also protects without tire
Descend through one of exits three
ReCaLL, ReCaLL to go free
In order to guard throughout
You will find death from life without
The ship of stone key you seek
Put aside bravery and embrace the meek.

Each line led us further towards the key – first we had to start in darkness, which opened some sort of dumbwaiter. Then, we found ourselves in a room into which hundreds of undead poured. We were barely able to make it to a wall to beat off this horde. Next, we found ourselves in a room with three exits. Jürgen correctly surmised the way through this labyrinth using the word recall as our directive. The most threatening of all – a floating head with many eyes growing from its undead body – is what we found next. Beams shot from this creature, each one deadlier than the last. But might of arm from the heroes slayed even this mighty creature!

Finally, we made our way into the chamber of the keys, where three keys lay. The heroes chose one key, showing each of the lesser forms of Aegis. We can only hope that they represent meekness.

The key in hand, we returned to the North Road. Jürgen is already speaking of the Words of Direction, the final part needed to commandeer the floating island. From Machistotle’s description, it appears they are in the hands of pirates to the west, up into the middle realm. We go there in a week’s time.



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