The DDD World

The quest for the Words of Direction

Session Forty One

8th Day, 1st Week, Fetine:

I am not sure if Trin does it on purpose or if Jürgen just has premonitions, but we ended up about as far away from our destination as could be. At least we aren’t swimming in the sea here. The heroes took it as stoically as one could, just setting off, heading in a direction and assuming they would get where they need to be. Of course, having Spin along with a memory of the map ever present in his head does tend to make movement easier.

I do believe that the world should be able to sense the heroes coming, in order to save themselves the trouble of bleeding all over it. A stone giant will think deeply before pursuing a group of humanoids, that is for sure. He was lucky to get away with his life.

After Jürgen used his charm upon a boatman to provide us passage closer to our destination, we got to rest upon the barge. I’m not sure if I prefer a bed in a random inn, or if I prefer a bedroll in a forest.

9th Day, 1st Week, Fetine:

At last, we are in the town of Soransta, a large village made up mostly of non-humans. We were all unsure how we would be accepted, but the town seems to be quite open. It didn’t take long for the heroes to get the opportunity to meet the head of this town.

The Pilot of the Ravager – Illris Swifthelm – was a grotesquely obese elf. Though first impressions were incorrect, for it soon became apparent that Illris had a strong heart. He was more than willing to offer us his piece of the map to the Ravager just to have us return the ship to his harbor so he could see her again. With that we received a compass, one piece of the five.

10th Day, 1st Week, Fetine:

We have headed south to Aquamarine. We were waylaid by a group who are part of the cult of the dragon. The heroes’ fame has gone against them, for they are now easily recognized by their enemies. A blue dragon, smaller than the green we faced weeks ago, nearly killed Norian and Anzo with its lightning breath. The cultists surrounded Hogarth, trying to bring him down. Still, the heroes reacted to the ambush with such speed that Olney and Vidron had barely turned the wagon around when the battle was over. The dragon’s head became a trophy and, I think, a warning.

The town of Aquamarine was peaceful, though, as is all too usual for the heroes, the peace was not to last. They were contacted by a representative of the head of this town, a man who is called “The Gentleman.” It seems that he is the head of this land’s assassin’s guild and that he knows the Collector. I fear for the heroes’ lives as they go to meet this man.

Though I did not join the heroes in their visit, it became apparent they were not happy with it, though not too upset. The young man they met at first turned out to be The Gentleman in disguise. First Mate Garrett Fiddick was direct with the heroes, offering the cancellation of the contract on them for the possession of the Ravager. He also gave them a ruby which contains directions to the ship. Did he imply that the heroes would owe him a favor for doing so?

Another piece of the five has been obtained, the Words of Direction are another step closer. Tomorrow we take a ship to the south to Kitok – a city known for its loose women and ideals.



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