The DDD World

Dealing with Pirates

Session Forty Two

1st Day, 2nd Week, Fetine:

Jürgen showed amazing restraint on the way to Kitok. The ship we took was rowed by slaves, the captain being their owner.. The way the captain spoke about the slaves, thinking of them as just property, was horrible. Jürgen and Anzo spoke to a few of them while they healed them. I’m not sure what they found out, if anything.

3rd Day, 2nd Week, Fetine:

Kitok was everything Tasa would love. It’s too bad he wasn’t here. The leader of this town, Quartermaster Toby Brown, is a giant of a man, as thick as Hogarth but another 6 inches taller. He wasn’t quite so easy for the heroes to bargain with as the others were. Toby wants us to buy a boat for him as the boat maker will not deal with Toby directly. At least the boat is on our way, as it is in the next town – Aroa.

5th Day, 2nd Week, Fetine:

The trip to Aroa was pleasant, except for the large wave that almost swamped the boat. It sounds like a Dragon Turtle surfaced somewhere, causing the mighty wave. I would hate to meet this mighty beast face to face. Vidron and Olney were smart to stay behind.

The town of Aroa was…peaceful…I guess. It seems as though the town has a code of honor, one where duels can be fought to solve issues. The heroes tried to avoid this, though I’ve seen them best many foes, so I do not know what their worry truly was.

The heroes met with the head of this town, Sea Artist Samuel Tripps. He seemed to be very focused and asked for very little – just Jürgen’s promise that he would find a successor to help run the town. Jürgen was more than happy to promise this. I believe he’ll put the squire he is looking for into this position. I wonder why he never considers me. At least we have the third piece of five, a sea chart.

7th Day, 2nd Week, Fetine:

Unfortunately, getting the ship for Toby was not as easy. Samuel needed the heroes to pay over 10,000 gp. Luckily, there was another way. A hunter led us to a cave near the town, well, something more than a cave, a gem mine. The heroes then cleared out some goblins, though it wasn’t as simple as that, as the goblins had a metal golem of some sort. But, in the end, the heroes prevailed.

We headed to the final town, Evercalm, as the ship was delivered to Toby. We heard this town is very peaceful and clean, so I can’t wait to get there.

10th Day, 2nd Week, Fetine:

Evercalm was not what we expected. Instead it is full of high costs and a powerful leader. It seems as though the town is the main source of silk for the realms, so it is very wealthy. Any outsiders help to build the town and keep it safe by paying high taxes. Jürgen thought the sound of taxes like these were crazy. But when they challenged the Senator, Boatswain Olly Goodwin, on it, they were treated unkindly and roughly. It seems as though the only way they are going to get the final piece of five, find the Ravager, obtain the Words of Direction, and be able to use the Floating Island, is to fight in The Pit, a gladiatorial show put on in Evercalm. The heroes agreed.

Tomorrow night will find the heroes fighting three battles in The Pit. May Meszo and Unran watch over them.



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